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We are on a design-led inquiry to build a better education system that creates a stronger link between education and employment.

Our vision is to create the blueprint for a decentralized education system for all that revolves around the learner. Our aim is to help students everywhere, regardless of their socio-economic position, freely create their education journey and participate in the global economy.
Our first focus is on how to prepare students from non-traditional, underserved backgrounds, like refugees, for the future of work by providing them with a more adequate certification system to showcase their skills.
We are starting with a certification system because we see it as the backbone for a decentralized system to support learners in building their own educational journey by leveraging different resources without having to worry about what counts. By reimagining certification, we are creating a new way to show proof of learning in a holistic, verified way that highlights individual skills. In doing so, we hope to provide more freedom and access to opportunities in education to marginalized youth.
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We issue micro-credentials for each course, skill, and workshop learned.
Certificates from different courses by different institutions are stacked together for a uniform way of maintaining records.
Each certificate contains encrypted attachments with student's work, course content, and teacher evaluations attached to it and it is signed by the course provider.
Every student receives a portfolio of their learning accomplishments that they control and can share with future employers and educators.
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Jehane started Learning Blocks after being immersed in the Syrian refugee education ecosystem in the Middle East. She realized the huge certification problem that refugees are facing: those who are providing certified education — public schools — are not providing efficient education.


On the other hand, NGOs are providing efficient education, and even teaching tech-centered skills, but they cannot certify them. This systemic issue is preventing refugees from reaping the full benefits of education and unlocking better opportunities.


To solve that, she started designing a system that uses blockchain technology to provide certification while also allowing freedom of choice for students in their own education.


our TEAM
How it Works
Jehane Akiki
Founder, CEO 
Natalia Kisielewska
Co-Founder, CMO
Ghia Zaatari
Branding & Design
Tey El Rjula

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